Meet our BA Marketing Family


  • Our Team Treats your Marketing as if it were our own.

  • We have a Passion for Customer Service, Client Satisfaction & Brand Advocacy!

  • Our Experience & Education are just an added bonus. 


Meg Corso - BA Marketing Solutions LLC

Meg Corso

Client Relations Manager

Coffee Drinking, Friend & Family Loving, Badass, Creator & Brand Ambassador


Tori Fantozzi - BA Marketing Solutions

Tori Fantozzi

Visual Media Manager

Music Listening, Party Child, Passionate, Graphic Designer, Brand Specialist


Reviews & Testimonials


"Customers will never love a company unless the employees love it first."

These girls are amazing and I'm so blessed to have had them in my life and part of our team.


Thank you Raven, allison, caitlen, tori & isabelle for all you've done to help our business grow. xo - meg